6 MLB All-Stars that could be SF Giants by the trade deadline

The trade deadline is always fun, but it is particularly fun to think about the Giants adding some really big names

Jul 5, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Chicago Cubs center fielder Cody Bellinger (24) celebrates
Jul 5, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Chicago Cubs center fielder Cody Bellinger (24) celebrates / Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports
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Michael Lorenzen

This one is kind of funny because the only reason that Michael Lorenzen even made the All-Star team this year is because the Tigers didn't have any healthy options available. Eduardo Rodriguez would have been an easy choice, but he was on the injured list with a finger injury.

However, Lorenzen does have his merits as a potential trade target for the Giants. He doesn't walk many guys, gets guys to chase out of the zone, and has some fastball characteristics that are intriguing. Lorenzen is also set to become a free agent after the season and he is making a relatively modest $8.5 million this season.

The fit isn't perfect as Lorenzen doesn't have amazing peripherals or anything like that. However, as a back-end of the rotation starter who also has successful experience coming out of the bullpen in the past, the Giants could do a lot worse assuming the Tigers' ask for Lorenzen isn't outrageous.

Shohei Ohtani

Trading for Shohei Ohtani would be the single most impactful move that the Giants could make at the trade deadline. In fairness, that would be true of any team trading for Ohtani as he is the only player in the league that fills the role of an elite pitcher and and elite hitter with one roster spot. He is a unicorn.

The trick, of course, is getting the Angels to actually be willing to trade him and then coming up with a trade package that could actually pry Ohtani away from them. We discussed some ways that the Giants could try and force a trade for Ohtani, so we will send you over there for the specifics. The short version, though, is that it could be possible...but it would also be painful.

The smarter play is probably for the Giants to take their chances on getting Ohtani in free agency given what it would cost to trade for him. However, it is hard not to think that the Giants could try to get those negotiations started early by trading for him while also addressing their two biggest areas of need at the deadline.