6 bullpen trade targets for the SF Giants at the trade deadline

Like most contenders, the Giants are likely to be looking for bullpen upgrades at the trade deadline. Here are some options they should consider.

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Brent Suter is one of the top rental relievers on the market and the Giants should try to grab him

Trading within the division is always tough, but it isn't like the Rockies are going to be competing anytime soon. Aside from that wrinkle, Brent Suter is another rental reliever the Giants need to be looking at.

Aside from being a pending free agent, Suter is a lefty which is always nice and he brings with him some deception and the ability to limit hard contact at elite levels. Some of his pitching peripherals aren't great since he doesn't throw hard or miss a ton of bats, but the ability to give the Giants some deception from the left side could be very valuable assuming the in-division premium isn't too terrible.

Kendall Graveman would be a nice pick up for the Giants for 2023 and 2024

Another guy that comes with an extra year of team control is Kendal Graveman from the White Sox. Chicago is certainly going to be an active seller of relievers, but there is a chance that they will want to keep Graveman around to run things back in 2024.

However, our guess is that Graveman will get moved and the Giants should be all over him if he is available at a reasonable price. The walk rate isn't great, but the rest of his pitching peripherals range from good to really good. His stuff is also playing on the field to the tune of a 2.93 ERA in 41 appearances this season.

Hunter Harvey could be an interesting trade deadline target if the Giants think they fix him

This is more of a long shot given that Harvey has a bunch of team control left and has been giving up a lot more hard contact than you would like to see from a guy with his stuff.

However, the Giants coach pitching really, really well. While some of Harvey's issues are difficult to teach (especially his lack of fastball spin), his 3.20 ERA shows that he has found a way to make things work in the big leagues and some adjustments could point to some big time upside for a guy that throws this hard. The price is going to determine a lot here, but Harvey could be a fun long-term project for the bullpen.

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