6 bullpen trade targets for the SF Giants at the trade deadline

Like most contenders, the Giants are likely to be looking for bullpen upgrades at the trade deadline. Here are some options they should consider.
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Keynan Middleton should be a trade deadline target for the SF Giants

Keynan Middleton is shaping up to be one of the top rental relievers on the trade market this year. His Statcast profile for 2023 looks quite good and the White Sox are certainly going to at least be selling off pending free agents with this year looking like a wash.

There is some concern that the demand for Middleton's services will drive his price up even as a rental, but Middleton's improved strikeout rate (11.5 K/9) makes him a worthy gamble for the Giants.

Trading for Scott Barlow would take the Giants' bullpen to the next level

Barlow's name was on most trade deadline target lists before the season even started because the Royals, well, are probably going to be in a perennial state of "not good" for a while.

Barlow is having a down year by his standards as his 4.09 ERA and 4.4 BB/9 are big dropoffs from what we saw from him the last couple of years. However, he is also striking out more batters than he ever has and would come with an extra year of team control as well. A lot of teams are going to be calling the Royals on Barlow, but the Giants should at least check in here.

Jason Foley would be a great trade deadline move for the Giants in the long-term

If you are looking for an option that could be a part of the Giants' bullpen for a while, the Tigers have an interesting guy in Jason Foley who is under team control through the 2027 season.

Foley has been one of the better relievers in the American League this season with a 2.09 ERA and miniscule 1.6 BB/9 walk rate. He throws hard and gets guys to chase pitches out of the zone. If the Giants were able to pry Foley away from Detroit (which is far from certain), he could really blossom in San Francisco. He wouldn't come cheap, though.