5 Realistic free agents the SF Giants should target this winter

Many SF Giants fans are dreaming about landing Shohei Ohtani, but here are five free agents much more likely to sign with the Giants.
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Hunter Renfroe
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5 Realistic free agents the SF Giants should target this winter

Realistic Target #4: Hunter Renfroe

The SF Giants could always use some more power in their lineup. That is where someone like Hunter Renfroe could come into play.

He has bounced around a lot in his career but he has consistently put up solid power numbers no matter where he has been. 

Last year with the Angels and reds he hit .233/.297/.416 with 20 home runs and 60 RBI in 140 games. 

He is also not just a platoon guy as most of his power last year came against righties. 

Renfroe would be similar to the Mitch Haniger signing which has obviously not panned out so far. But given he is younger and has been able to stay healthy more consistently, he would be a safer bet and would provide some much-needed pop.

Matt Moore, SF Giants
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Realistic Target#5: Matt Moore 

The SF Giants bullpen was fairly solid in 2023. The Rogers brothers were both solid and Camilo Doval was great despite struggling in the second half.

There was also the emergence of rookie Ryan Walker who could prove to be a solid late relief arm going forward. 

But the Giants could bolster that bullpen with another solid arm in Matt Moore. The left-handed hurler is a familiar name with Giants fans, but this does not include too many positive memories. Nevetherless, he has found a second career out of the bullpen.

The 34-year-old posted a 2.77 ERA in 46 appearances split between three teams in 2023. The last detail was largely due to the waiver system. Still, it is the second straight year Moore has posted an ERA below three while quickly becoming a legitimate leverage option.

In sum, these are 5 realistic free-agent options for the Giants. If these are the only moves the Giants make, there may be a revolt amongst the fan base. 

But we have to be honest with ourselves and understand that big free agents do not come to San Francisco unless their dad played for the team and their godfather is Willie Mays. Maybe if Buster Posey's godson becomes a free agent he will sign with the Giants. 

But until that day, the Giants must make do with these signings and hope that they pan out.