5 of the most entertaining draft picks the SF Giants could make in the MLB draft

Let's focus less on the best fit or all-around player for the SF Giants and focus more on who would be the most entertaining regardless of fit.
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The SF Giants have the 13th overall pick in the 2024 MLB Draft. Mock drafts are focusing on the best fit and/or the prospect with the highest chance of success for the Giants. Let's ignore all that and pretend like every prospect that gets drafted will work out. If that's the case, here are the prospects that would provide the most entertainment value.

5 of the most entertaining draft picks the SF Giants could make in the MLB draft

The Giants do need to make their first-round pick count. Both Matt Chapman and Blake Snell rejected qualifying offers in the offseason, meaning that the Giants lost a draft pick apiece with each signing. They forfeited their second-round pick with Chapman and the third-round pick following the Snell addition.

They pick in the first round and then again in the fourth round. Not only that, but they lose the draft pool money associated with the picks they gave up. This is why they have one of the lowest bonus pools this year.

1. 1B/LHP Jac Caglianone

Pure fun. That is what I would call Jac Caglianone. The 6-5, 245-pound, 21-year-old has hit 66 home runs over the last two seasons with the Florida Gators and manages 93-97 from the left side off the mound. He walked 53 times and only struck out 25 times across 302 plate appearances. His ERA numbers aren't fantastic but a solid 10.2 SO/9 combined with a 5.9 BB/9 outlines his incredible ability. He did all that while facing some of the toughest competition in college baseball in the SEC. The perfect world sees Calgianone starting at 1B for the Giants where he regularly its tanks into McCovey Cove and is their primary closer. He oozes entertainment value.

2. OF Slade Caldwell

Slade Caldwell currently measures at 5-6, 175 pounds which would tie him with Jose Altuve for the smallest player in MLB. It wouldn't just be fun because of the size. According to Keith Law of the Athletic (subscription required), "he'd be a top-15 pick for sure" if he was larger. The big question is if he will hit the ball hard enough to be able to stick at the big league level. Ignoring that, imagine Altuve but as a plus centerfielder hitting for a high average and some pop.