5 call-ups who could immediately bolster the struggling SF Giants lineup

5 players currently in the minors who could help the SF Giants right now.
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Casey Schmitt
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5 call-ups who could immediately bolster the struggling SF Giants lineup

Number Five: Infielder Casey Schmitt

Last season when Casey Schmitt was called up in early May, he tore the cover off the ball and impressed with his strong arm. There were some who even thought he was the heir apparent to Brandon Crawford at shortstop.

However, his bat cooled off more and more throughout the season and he ended the season with a batting average in the low .200's. The signing of Matt Chapman made it clear that Schmitt would not be in the mix for playing a ton of third base, but he can still play shortstop and second base which makes him a versatile choice for the team.

Schmitt is off to a very cool start in Triple-A, but if his bat can heat up by the end of the month perhaps the Giants can call him up and he can provide that spark like he did in early May of last year. He could play shortstop and second or give Chapman a day off when he needs a rest and, if he hits well, could force himself into the lineup on a more consistent basis.

As of right now, it seems like manager Bob Melvin is not going to make any kneejerk reactions despite the offense's slow start. He said as much recently after another loss. And the Giants should not make any rash decisions. It is still early and there is time for the offense to get on track.

However, if these offensive struggles persist throughout the rest of this month, it would not be at all surprising to see the Giants call up one or two of these five players to see if they can provide a spark and get the offense going.