4 mistakes that have cost the SF Giants dearly this season

The San Francisco Giants have definitely had their fair share of screw-ups this season.

Atlanta Braves v San Francisco Giants
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Failing to add a superstar last offseason has really hurt the SF Giants

This one is hard to blame on the team or the front office. Going into the offseason, the organization knew that they needed to add some top flight offensive talent. While the Giants' roster was interesting and had some exciting young players in the minor league pipeline, it was pretty clear that hoping that the lineup was better than the sum of their parts wasn't a realistic strategy.

So, the Giants tried their damnedest to sign a superstar last offseason. Their courtship of Aaron Judge was very public, but it became clear that Judge was just using San Francisco's interest as leverage in his talks with the Yankees. The Giants very nearly signed Carlos Correa before his physical caused that deal to thankfully fall through. If nothing else, one can't say that the Giants didn't try to go for it.

However, baseball is a results-oriented business and the Giants failed to deliver on a key team need. Sure, they signed Michael Conforto which was kinda nice, but he hasn't moved the needle much this season and he just hit the injured list with a hamstring injury. All in all, not adding one of the big name free agents from last offseason has really hurt their chances in 2023.

The Giants very clearly overestimated the strength of their starting rotation

While the Giants' pursuit of a big time bat was well documented last offseason, it was somewhat surprising that they didn't look harder at adding some better starting pitching depth especially Carlos Rodon leaving town. Before anyone asks, no: signing Ross Stripling doesn't count.

This one feels like a problem in evaluating the organization's strength at starting pitcher. Logan Webb is legitimately awesome and no one should argue otherwise. However, the rest of the rotation even before Anthony DeSclafani hit the injured list wasn't particularly inspiring. It is possible that the Giants thought that Kyle Harrison would be ready sooner than he was, but banking on a pitching prospect going into a season where the team very clearly wanted to go for it seems like an unwise choice.