4 last minute deals that the SF Giants need to get done before the trade deadline

The trade deadline is just hours away. Here is a look at the last minute deals that could put the Giants over the top.
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Vaughn Grissom could shore up the Giants' infield depth

It is generally pretty strange for two top contenders to link up on a trade, but the Giants and Braves have some common ground to get a deal done when it comes to infielder Vaughn Grissom. Grissom is a bat-first guy who has struggled defensively in his short stints in the big leagues, but he could give the Giants the depth at middle infield that they are looking for without breaking the bank.

Putting together a package for Grissom would be interesting. Grissom is currently at Triple-A, but has also already gotten his service clock started. Prospect for prospect trades can be difficult just because of disparities in trade value when it comes to which level of the minors a player is playing at, but there are some options here.

Given that the Braves are pretty set at the big league level, a package that focused on some lower level lottery ticket types could be enticing to them. Will Bednar is an potential option as the Braves love having pitching prospects to mold and he has some recent draft pedigree. Jairo Pomares is another guy with some tools that the Braves could potentially want to bet on especially given that their minor league system doesn't have much in the way of high ceiling position players.

In any case, Grissom is one of the last middle infielders that the Giants have been directly connected to that is still potentially available and a deal could benefit both sides without much difficulty.