4 last minute deals that the SF Giants need to get done before the trade deadline

The trade deadline is just hours away. Here is a look at the last minute deals that could put the Giants over the top.
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The trade deadline is mere hours away at this point and it still seems like the Giants have some work do to. Monday was a fruitful day for them at least as the Giants were able to trade for AJ Pollock in a deal with the Mariners, but Pollock is a much less exciting option these days compared to a few years ago.

Nevertheless, San Francisco finds themselves in a decent position heading into the whirlwind of activity that is expected during trade deadline day. They would probably like to add a better right-handed bat option although they could settle for Pollock and adding depth for the rotation, middle infield, and the bullpen remains very possible if not likely.

However, the Giants are running out of time and if they want to make improvements, some last minute deals are going to have to get done.

Here are 4 last minute deals the Giants could pull off to cap their trade deadline season

The goal here isn't to just pull high profile names out of a hat. It is entirely possible that the Giants are in full stealth mode on some trade targets, but the focus here is going to be on players that the Giants have at least some public connection to ahead of the deadline or seem like feasible options who are also still available as of Monday night. It is unlikely that the Giants would make four trades on Tuesday (although that would be fun), so consider these options instead of a hard and firm shopping list.

Let's take a look at some trades the Giants can (and maybe should) make in the final hours before the trade deadline.