4 former SF Giants failing miserably with their new team in 2023

The Giants had to let some players leave in free agency. As it turns out, they were right to move on from many of them.
Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants
Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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While the San Francisco Giants did their absolute best to get involved with the biggest names on the free agent market last offseason like Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa, things didn't really work out. The Giants weren't quiet per se, but the offseason wasn't the splash that they were hoping to make. However, one thing that they did do well is avoid bringing back some guys that have struggled in 2023 elsewhere.

Even for a resource-rich team like the Giants, they cannot afford to have real money committed to players that are not producing. It would have been incredibly tempting to keep some of these guys around as some of them had previously been awesome, but the Giants had to place their bets and leave room for the big names they were targeting.

The question now is how are these departed Giants doing with their new teams? With a few exceptions like Evan Longoria, the results haven't been the prettiest.

Here are the former SF Giants players struggling with their new teams in 2023

Characterizing a player as "struggling" can be a very subjective thing. Sure, some guys be lumped in as being objectively bad here, but there are others who have either been dealing with injuries OR have had more specific shortcomings that have made them fall short of expectations with their new squads.

Without further delay, here are four former Giants players that are struggling with their new teams.