4 difficult roster decisions the Giants must address ASAP

Feb 24, 2023; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; San Francisco Giants pitcher Kyle Harrison poses for a portrait
Feb 24, 2023; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; San Francisco Giants pitcher Kyle Harrison poses for a portrait / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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San Francisco needs to add another starting pitcher

If the team promotes Kyle Harrison to the big leagues and both Stripling and Cobb return to their former selves, there is less importance on adding another starter. However, the Giants should still probably do it anyways. Having starting pitching depth for the stretch run is critically important. You don't want to be in a position to win the division only to have just a single injury to a guy like Logan Webb completely derail your playoff aspirations.

Who the Giants target could largely be a philosophical choice. The most likely option is that they check out the market for rotation rentals because the cost is less prohibitive in prospects. Lucas Giolito from the White Sox is the obvious name here, although half the league is going to be bidding for him. Jack Flaherty and Eduardo Rodriguez look like interesting options as well and if the Twins crater in July, San Francisco should call asking about Sonny Gray.

Conversely, if the Giants decide that they want guys with some more team control, there are some potential options there as well. Shane Bieber hasn't looked like the same guy this year, but could be an awesome buy-low candidate especially if the Giants know how to fix him. Dylan Cease is also going to be a popular name here, but he is could be very expensive to trade for.

A power-hitting outfielder would be a nice touch for the Giants

While the offense has been good for the Giants lately, adding an outfielder that can hit for power seems to be like something the Giants should entertain. Mitch Haniger is going to be out for a while after having surgery on his arm and he wasn't particularly good before that. Calling up Luis Matos certainly may be enough to move the needle, but adding a veteran outfielder with some pop would be nice.

If I were the Giants, trying to see if Boston would part with Adam Duvall would be at the top of the list of options here. If that doesn't work out, calling the Nationals about Lane Thomas who has some pop and some speed to go along with two extra years of team control. Both guys have experience all over the outfield, although Duvall is clearly the superior defender between the two.

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