3 ways the Lucas Giolito trade may have complicated the Giants trade deadline plans

The SF Giants were already going to have their work cut out for them at the trade deadline. Then, the Lucas Giolito trade happened.

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The SF Giants may need to pivot to players with team control at the trade deadline

Given the fallout from the Giolito trade, the dynamics of the trade market seem to be shifting away from where the Giants would likely prefer to be. This is a very good team to be sure, but the demand (and therefore the prices) for short-term roster fixes at the deadline is getting pretty wild.

However, one should still expect the Giants to play in the rental reliever market. While Reynaldo Lopez is a talented arm, he was not the lynchpin of the bullpen trade market and relievers are in pretty high supply at the trade market still. If San Francisco is looking to add some short-term bullpen depth, they shouldn't have any issues doing so.

When it comes to starting pitchers and position upgrades, things get stickier. Again, the quality and quantity on the rental starting pitching market leaves something to be desired and the easily available position players are few and far between. One way that the Giants could deal with this is to look at players that have a healthy amount of team control available.

Controllable players are going to come with a heavier price premium, but it may be the best way for the Giants to get what they need and could open up some trade partners that are looking to retool their rosters for next year a bit instead of going into full rebuild mode. Dylan Cease and Tyler O'Neill could have been nice options here, but the White Sox and Cardinals have made it clear that they aren't looking to move those guys.

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