3 ways the Lucas Giolito trade may have complicated the Giants trade deadline plans

The SF Giants were already going to have their work cut out for them at the trade deadline. Then, the Lucas Giolito trade happened.
San Francisco Giants v Washington Nationals
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The San Francisco Giants were already having to thread the needle to navigate a somewhat difficult trade deadline with a lack of sellers and a questionable depth at their positions of need. On top of that, they have at least two teams in their division in the Dodgers and Diamondbacks that are going to be aggressive at the trade deadline making the margin for error very slim.

With the Angels deciding to keep Shohei Ohtani and making a trade for Lucas Giolito and Renaldo Lopez, San Francisco's plans just got that much more difficult. Normally, a trade between two American League teams wouldn't have too many consequences for the Giants, but this year is a little different.

Given the dynamics of the trade deadline this year with a ton of fringe contenders and teams that still don't know if they will buy or sell, the market is tilted heavily in favor of sellers and as we are likely to find out, that means that when dominos fall, things could get very interesting across the league.

Here are 3 ways the Lucas Giolito trade just complicated the Giants trade deadline plans

It is important to note that teams should not overreact to what other teams do. It could be easy to panic when one sees another team or teams being aggressive and trying to force moves. Staying true to team philosophy and player valuation is crucial to making the right moves. However, it would pretty naive to suggest that as moves get made, they don't have ripple effects on the market in the days leading up to the trade deadline.

Lets take a look at how the Lucas Giolito trade just made the Giants' trade deadline plans a bit harder.