3 ways the Juan Soto trade was a huge win for the SF Giants

While the Giants weren't able to snag Juan Soto, his trade last night still made their 2024 outlook much better.
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The SF Giants have one less competitor for outfield bats after the Soto trade

The Yankees' offense was truly bad last season. With Aaron Judge dealing with an injury and the rest of the lineup underperforming expectations, New York's position players ranked just 20th in all of baseball by fWAR in 2023. For a team that plays in a big market with a fan base that is notoriously impatient, that just isn't going to fly.

The problem for the Giants is that having a team like the Yankees that is willing to throw real money at their problems looking for outfield bats is, well, San Francisco would love to add an impact outfield bat this offseason as well. This is particularly pronounced when it comes to Cody Bellinger who would be a nice piece for San Francisco, but we all know how much the Yankees like to go after lefty power bats.

Now, the Yankees have added Soto as well as Alex Verdugo in the last couple of days. They will almost certainly remain active this offseason, but it wouldn't make much sense for them to continue to look for outfield bats anymore which should clear the path a bit for the Giants as they look to get their own underwhelming offense upgraded going into 2024.

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