3 trade targets for the SF Giants to replace Thairo Estrada

Losing Thairo Estrada was a terrible blow to the Giants' playoff chances. However, the trade market may provide some answers.
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Tim Anderson may be a nice middle ground trade target choice

Tim Anderson is a name that most baseball fans are familiar with at this point and he presents a unique opportunity for the Giants. This is another guy who is having a down season on a bad team, but who has a track record of being an excellent hitter with some defensive chops as well. Before the bottom dropped out this season, Anderson had hit over .300 in four straight seasons with a bit of power and who stole some bases.

The White Sox should absolutely be sellers at the deadline, so the Giants should find a willing trade partner in them. Anderson's value is at an all-time low which could make him a great value assuming the Giants can get him right. He also has a club option for 2024 left on his deal for $14 million that the Giants could exercise to keep him around if he plays well. This could be very beneficial in the event that Brandon Crawford leaves for another team in free agency after this season.

There are some problems here, though. First, Anderson production dropoff cannot be ignored especially since he has dealt with injuries the last two years. We don't know what his physical looks like at the moment, but it probably isn't perfect and he just turned 30 so the news isn't likely to improve significantly over time. There is also a possibility that the White Sox won't be reasonable in their price for Anderson as they could see him as a guy that will return to his former glory with an extra year of team control at a reasonable rate. When you combine that with the idea that Chicago may want to make a run next year, and you have what could be a very complicated negotiation.

With all of that out of the way, the Giants should at least do their due diligence on Anderson. See where the White Sox's heads are at, look at the underlying data on Anderson, and figure out if he could be a solution. It is possible that a move over to second base could be good for him in the short-term as he tries to get healthy. Other options may be "better" to go after, but Anderson could be a nice middle ground between the pure rental types and guys that are going to be very pricey given how many more years they are under contract.

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