3 trade targets for the SF Giants to replace Thairo Estrada

Losing Thairo Estrada was a terrible blow to the Giants' playoff chances. However, the trade market may provide some answers.
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The Giants trading for Tommy Edman makes a lot of sense

The first thing that we need to do is identify the teams that are actually going to be sellers at the trade deadline. While the Cardinals have talked a big game in recent weeks of not wanting to punt on 2023 just yet, the reality is that they are 15 games below .500 and firmly in last place in the National League Central. Even if they don't want to admit it just yet, they are going to be sellers and that brings us to utility man Tommy Edman.

Edman honestly has a lot of similarities to Thairo in his profile as he has a little bit of pop, can run the bases, and is a high quality defender. Edman has not hit as well this season as Thairo with a wRC+ of just 90 in 2023, but he has made up for that with his defense and versatility. He also just put up a 5.7 fWAR season in 2022, so there is more in him to unleash.

The biggest thing about Edman is that he brings the ability to play all over the field which is huge bonus down the stretch when you don't have the ability to add players. He is also under team control through the 2025 season which makes this a nice long-term investment as well.

There are a few potential hang ups, of course. In addition to his bat not being amazing, he is going to be expensive to acquire in terms of prospects. All those years of team control are going to add to the cost to bring him into the fold. There is also the problem that the Cardinals may not want to trade him. While they should be sellers at the trade deadline, they will also probably want to retool quickly and try to contend next year and that could mean wanting to keep Edman around for that.

All of that said, the Giants should make a play for Edman as soon as possible. Yes, he will be expensive, but getting a guy with this much team control, defensive ability, and versatility is an opportunity they can't pass up. Even when Thairo returns, you can still find playing time for Edman elsewhere.