3 trade targets for the SF Giants to replace Thairo Estrada

Losing Thairo Estrada was a terrible blow to the Giants' playoff chances. However, the trade market may provide some answers.
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The San Francisco Giants got some incredibly rough news earlier this week when they had to place Thairo Estrada on the injured list with a broken bone in his left hand. Estrada was injured on a hit by pitch from Adam Ottavino in the Giants' game on Sunday against the Mets.

There is no denying that this is a huge loss for the Giants. Thairo was in the middle of the best season of his career in 2023 and should have been recognized as an All-Star for his efforts at second base. Through 70 games this season, Thairo slashed .272/.327/.434 with nine homers and 18 stolen bases. He is also one of the better defenders on the entire team regardless of position.

There is no easy way to replace a team's best position player, even at the trade deadline. There are only so many players that are realistically available and they have to line up with your team's needs and budget (both in terms of money and in prospect cost). However, the Giants don't really have much of a choice as the type of fracture that Thairo has generally comes with a 6-8 week recovery time which is most of the second half. We also don't know for sure that he will be 100% of the player he was when he got hurt when he returns.

One option that is interesting is if the Giants think that Marco Luciano's recent strong play (.343/.455/.629 in his last 10 games) warrants a look in the big leagues, but that seems unlikely given the totality of his season so far. So, we turn our attention to the trade market for answers.

Here are some trade targets to replace Thairo Estrada

While there are not a lot of middle infielders that are expected to be available at the trade deadline, there are enough to give us some real choices to make between true rentals and guys who have some team control remaining. Moreover, there is a surprising amount of upside in this pool of players which is exactly what the Giants need to replace a guy who has been as good as Thairo has been.

Anyways, lets get into the trade targets for the Giants to replace Thairo Estrada.