3 SF Giants players who made the Opening Day roster but won't finish the year on it

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3. Catcher/corner outfielder Blake Sabol

Sabol, 25, has been a feel-good story for the Giants early on in the season, but he is not a guarantee to spend the entire year on the active roster. He swings it from the left side and has displayed some impressive power throughout his minor league career, so his bat is not the question.

On defense, Sabol is a catcher who has also spent considerable time in the corner outfield, mainly in left field, where his decent but uninspiring throwing arm is not as exposed as it is in right field. He has been known to grade poorly behind the plate, but has been putting in a ton of work to improve his craft at catcher, so there's a chance he has what it takes to stick on the roster.

The fact that he's a Rule 5 Draft pick is what makes this a tough call. Since he is a R5 selection, Sabol must spend the entire season on the Giants' active roster, or the club will have to offer him back to the team they selected him from.

Rule 5 Draft picks are always finicky. If the Giants choose to keep him around, they'd essentially be going with a three catcher rotation, which few teams can comfortably pull off down the stretch of any given season. With Joey Bart struggling with consistency, Sabol has a path to sticking around, but if the former is able to right the ship, the latter seems to be the odd man out in the catcher picture.