3 SF Giants players who could lose their roster spot after Jorge Soler signing

The Giants just added the power bat they needed, but whose job is he taking in the process?
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Michael Conforto

This decision simply comes down to who the Giants would prefer to keep between Michael Conforto or JD Davis. While fans were hoping that both players would have bounce back seasons at the plate in 2024, both are coming off pretty uninspiring 2023 seasons. Even The Athletic's Andrew Baggarly seems to think that moving one or both players is in the cards after adding Soler.

In this particular instance, moving Conforto feels like the right decision. While things would be different if the Giants were able to add Matt Chapman before now, Davis has the ability to play multiple positions including in a corner outfield spot, and was still a reasonably valuable player last season at 2.2 fWAR, primarily at third base.

On the flip side, Conforto just posted his worst offensive season since 2016 and was a decidedly not great defender in the outfield. Conforto also exercised his $18 million option to stay with the Giants this coming season, which makes him an expensive just-barely-league-average hitter to keep around.

That isn't to say that Davis won't end up being moved. He didn't exactly light the world on fire, especially in the second half of 2023. However, moving at least some of Conforto's money would make a move like signing Chapman much more palatable, even with coffers as deep as the Giants currently have.