3 SF Giants offseason additions we should already be concerned about

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Sean Manaea
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3 SF Giants offseason additions we should already be concerned about

LHP Sean Manaea

Manaea, 31, is another free agent the Giants brought aboard on a multi-year pact; signing with the club on a two-year, $25M contract.

The longtime member of the Oakland A's has never quite done enough at the big league level to warrant any sort of hype, and his signing felt like a move of desperation by a Giants front office that had missed out on so many names before him.

Last year, the southpaw made 30 appearances (28 starts) for the division rival San Diego Padres and had what was his worst statistical season yet. In 158 innings, he had an 8-9 record with a 4.96 ERA, 4.53 FIP and a ghastly 75 ERA+ (100 is league-average, so he was 25 percent below league-average).

As a matter of fact, all numbers point to Manaea being an average pitcher, period. His career ERA+ across eight seasons is right at 100.

In five spring games (four starts), Manaea had a 4.08 ERA in 17.2 innings, striking out 14 and walking just three. He's historically had troubles limiting baserunners, and that has continued in spring and the regular season.

It's tough to judge this contract as "one to be worried about" immediately, since Manaea has only made one regular season appearance with the club (13.50 ERA in two innings of work), but this was a straight up overpay and he was coming off of an awful season on the Padres. Not entirely sure how the Giants expected this one to work out, but he may become an eyesore quickly for the team.