3 SF Giants most likely to be traded before the trade deadline

Here are 3 players the SF Giants may trade this year.
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The SF Giants are in a state of limbo right now. Sitting a few games below .500, it does not seem they will be big buyers at the trade deadline. However, if they do sell here are the 3 players on the team who are most likely to be traded.

3 SF Giants most likely to be traded before the trade deadline

Despite a new manager and a number of additions in the offseason, at this point it seems that the Giants are doomed to another season of mediocrity as they were in 2022 and 2023. Another year of .500 ball is not what fans wanted, but up to right now it is what we have gotten.

The funny thing is that despite this, the Giants still find themselves well within reach of a Wild Card spot. With the expanded playoff bracket, teams like the Giants still have a shot at postseason play especially with a lot of the regular season left to go.

This puts the front office in a weird position. It does not seem like they would be willing to sell their farm system on this team whose ceiling appears to be a 2nd or 3rd Wild Card spot. Plus, Farhan Zaidi has proven throughout his tenure that he is not someone who buys at the deadline.

It does not even make sense for them to be major sellers either. First off, they do not have too many enticing trade chips on the big league outside of Logan Webb and Heliot Ramos and both of them should be off limits in trade talks.

There are other players like Thairo Estrada and Wilmer Flores who could draw interest, but the both of them are leaders on the club and. it would be a bit of a gut punch to see the Giants part with either of them.

Yet, there are a few players that the Giants could trade if they decide to essentially stand pat at the deadline while shipping off some players who will be free agents after this season or who may be struggling.

The first player who fits this description is outfielder Michael Conforto.