3 reasons why the SF Giants will not be able to sell at the MLB trade deadline

There is little doubt that the Giants would be sellers at the deadline every other year, but they can't in 2024 because they have nothing to sell.
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3 reasons why the SF Giants will not be able to sell at the MLB trade deadline

2. Players 30+ Under Contract Past 2024

Jorge Soler will make $16 million in 2025 compared to his $10 million this season and currently has a -13.1 BTV surplus, making him difficult to move. Taylor Rogers is making $12 million this season and will make the same in 2025. He's pitched well this season but he's 33 years old and that is a steep price tag.

Mike Yastrzemski is making $7.9 million this season and enters the final year of arbitration next season. He has a BTV surplus of 2.1 which won't get much in return. Lamonte Wade Jr.'s strong start leaves him as one of the better trade options with a BTV of 15.1 and one more year of arbitration next season. Tyler Rogers could get something but his BTV surplus is .7 and he's 33 years old. Finally, Tom Murphy has been awful, is currently hurt, and is guaranteed $4 next season.

There is nobody over the age of 30 and/or on an expiring contract that will net the Giants anything relevant in a trade at the deadline leaving the only guys that are worth anything being the young guys. Perhaps, the best value the Giants could even get from moving their veterans is the roster spot that it opens up.

3 reasons why the SF Giants will not be able to sell at the MLB trade deadline

3. Building Blocks

Let's get the untouchables out of the way. Patrick Bailey, Logan Webb, Heliot Ramos, and Kyle Harrison are not going anywhere. Anyone yet to reach arbitration will not be moved because they are on a bargain deal and young which leaves less than you may realize. Thairo Estrada stands out as an option to be moved considering the recent success of Brett Wisely and the presence of Casey Schmitt, Marco Luciano, and Tyler Fitzgerald.

The 28-year-old has two more years of arbitration after 2024 and a 13.7 BTV surplus making him a decent piece. That said, Estrada has been one of the Giants' best players over the last few seasons, and moving him would be a tough sell to the fan base.

Jordan Hicks gets a nice pay raise after this season going from $6.5 million to $12.5 million and he's signed through 2027. He has been a sensation this season and has a BTV surplus-value of 10 but he has a long injury history, has struggled recently, and likely has an innings limit. Furthermore, selling one of the best pitchers on the roster less than a full season after giving him a four-year deal would be an admittance of incompetence the Giants won't want to make. Austin Warren technically qualifies but he hasn't pitched in 2024 and likely will not before the deadline.

Finally, Camilo Doval. Doval enters his first year of arbitration in 2025 and should get a significant raise. He's had an up-and-down 2024 with a BTV surplus of 13.3. He would net a nice return but it is hard to believe the Giants would spend all that time coming up with a closer entrance with lights and spotlights just to ship him out that same year.

The Giants cannot sell because they have no one to sell. The only true trade options are Doval, Estrada, and Hicks. It would be tough to trade any of those players, get a mediocre return, and try to sell to that vision to the fanbase. Instead, the Giants will hold pat, acquire players on expiring contracts, and hope that this current roster can figure it out. There are only two outcomes to this season: a playoff appearance or the front office might be gone.