3 reasons why the SF Giants' playoff chances are toast

The SF Giants are kinda sorta hanging around in the playoff race, but that may not last.
Cleveland Guardians v San Francisco Giants
Cleveland Guardians v San Francisco Giants / Suzanna Mitchell/San Francisco Giants/GettyImages
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The Giants' wild card competitors are just playing better

Unfortunately for the Giants, things are no longer as simple as just getting the team to play better down the stretch and getting some wins. As one of the teams currently not in a playoff spot, they have to play better than a few other teams to have a chance and the odds of that happening at the moment aren't good.

All three of the teams ahead of them in the wild card standings, the Diamondbacks, Reds, and Marlins, have posted winning records over their last 10 games. All of those teams have their warts, but they are at least playing reasonably well this month so far.

The remaining schedules for those teams are a bit of a mixed bag. The Reds might have the easiest schedule the rest of the way amongst the wild card teams with the Twins being the best team by a wide margin they are set to face. The Marlins have some easy matchups, but they also have to deal with the Braves and Brewers over the next couple of weeks. The Diamondbacks have some tough matchups, but they also have a 1.5 game cushion and have those two games against the Giants to make up for any shortfalls the rest of the way.

At the end of the day, this NL wild card race will remain tight the rest of the season and the Giants are still technically in it. However, there are a lot of headwinds to them getting to the postseason in 2023 and in many ways, they only have themselves to blame.

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