3 reasons why an SF Giants reunion with Brandon Belt makes sense

The former first baseman of the SF Giants is a free agent. Here are three reasons he may be a Giant again.
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3 reasons why an SF Giants reunion with Brandon Belt makes sense

3. The Giants don’t have a DH

Last season, the Giants had Joc Pederson as their main DH option when he was healthy. However, injuries forced him to play in the outfield much more than they would have liked and he did not hit well enough for the Giants to consider bringing him back in all likelihood.

As of right now, it is not clear what the SF Giants plan to do with the DH slot in the lineup. Our own Jeff Young believes the DH will be a revolving door, giving position players a chance to take a day off from the field for a day.

There is also the possibility that Wilmer Flores could see a lot of time in the DH spot. He hit well for the Giants last season but can be a bit of a defensive liability at times.

Michael Conforto and Mitch Haniger are options as well. Yet, they both carry question marks, especially Haniger, after last season.

Belt would solve this problem. He could be a DH for the team against righties and potentially against lefties not named Clayton Kershaw.

Many Giants fans have had enough of platoons after the Gabe Kapler tenure in San Francisco, but it may not be a bad option if they aren’t able to land any other big fish in free agency or via trade.

The likelihood that Belt re-signs with the Giants is slim. The Giants probably want other options and he does not necessarily fit into their plan to get younger and faster. It would be a tough positional fit as well, but it could work.

The left-handed bat should get an opportunity with another team though. He proved last year that in a DH role with limited time at first base, he can be a valuable component for a good team.

At the very least, whenever Belt decides to retire he should do it as a San Francisco Giant. He was a Great Giant no matter what and he deserves to be recognized as such even though he is often overlooked or undervalued by fans.