3 reasons why an SF Giants reunion with Brandon Belt makes sense

The former first baseman of the SF Giants is a free agent. Here are three reasons he may be a Giant again.
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3 reasons why an SF Giants reunion with Brandon Belt makes sense

2. The Giants love to bring back old players

We all know that the SF Giants have a soft spot for bringing back old players. Just a few years ago, the Giants brought Hunter Pence back after a successful campaign with the Texas Rangers.

Several years before that, the Giants brought back Pablo Sandoval after a tumultuous tenure with the Boston Red Sox.

While Pence’s second tour with the Giants was complicated by the shortened COVID season in 2020, Sandoval had a resurgence with the Giants and essentially saved his career.

Having Belt come back would be very in keeping with this Giants tradition. While he is polarizing, many Giants fans recognize the fact that he was a Great Giant and was instrumental in the success the team had last decade.

While most fans think nostalgic signings like these aren’t helpful, Belt proved last year that he still has something left in the tank. If he can replicate that success with the Giants it would be huge for a team whose offense cratered in the second half of the season. On a different note, the 13-year veteran never truly had the proper sendoff that he deserved. That is not a reason to sign him, but it needs to be mentioned.

Speaking of which, Belt would address a current need in the lineup.