3 reasons why an SF Giants reunion with Brandon Belt makes sense

The former first baseman of the SF Giants is a free agent. Here are three reasons he may be a Giant again.
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3 reasons why an SF Giants reunion with Brandon Belt makes sense

1. If they strike out on other free agents

Brandon Belt is not priority number one for the SF Giants this offseason. But, as we have seen in the past, the Giants have struggled to land big free agents in the past.

While they have been repeatedly linked to free-agent hitters like Matt Chapman and Cody Bellinger, there is certainly no guarantee that they land either of those guys.

If they miss on both of them, players like Rhys Hoskins are available, but a player like him presents drawbacks as well.

It would rankle a large portion of the fanbase, but bringing Belt back on a one-year deal as a DH may be in the cards if all other options fail for the Giants.

He will be entering his age-36 season and will likely deal with injuries again. However, he knows the ballpark better than anyone else and he still has enough power in that bat to drive some balls into McCovey Cove.

Plus, coming off a year when many Giants players said there was a lack of accountability in the clubhouse, why not bring back a guy who commands respect and is a proven veteran and leader who can also keep things light.

Belt is not option number one, but he could be a valuable safety choice if other free agent pursuits fail.