3 pending free agents the SF Giants need to let walk, 1 they need to keep

The Giants need to shake things up with their roster once the season comes to an end.
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It is safe to say that San Francisco Giants fans have not had a great time following this Giants team since the beginning of August. Thanks to an offense that has been essentially unwatchable, the Giants have gone from contending at the top of the division earlier this season to having slim odds of making it into the playoffs at all as a wild card team.

Most of this is on the players as they have just not done their jobs lately especially at the plate. Some blame could be assigned to the coaching staff and the front office sure didn't help matters by doing basically nothing at the trade deadline except trade for the shadow of AJ Pollock who has made a total of six plate appearances as a Giant. Injuries to key players off and on haven't helped matters whatsoever.

Whatever the cause may be, this is a Giants' roster that needs some real help this offseason and step one to getting it to where it needs to be is a roster culling. Fortunately, the Giants have several pending free agents that the team should just let move on.

Here are 3 pending free agents the SF Giants need to let walk and 1 they need to keep around

The realities of the game of baseball is that teams have to be a bit ruthless when it comes to moving on from guys even when they have been good for the team in the past. Some of the players on this list have been productive players previously and loyal soldiers for the Giants, but who are currently occupying important roster spots with subpar production. Putting them on the list is not an indictment of them as human beings or ignoring how good they were, but just an acknowledgement that the time has come for them to move on elsewhere.

Let's take a look at some pending free agents that the Giants need to let walk after the 2023 season and 1 that they need to try to keep around.