3 moves the SF Giants should have made at the deadline instead of doing nothing

The San Francisco Giants were very quiet at the trade deadline. Here are some moves that would have been better than standing pat.
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San Francisco should have made a harder push for Mark Canha

The team that became the focus of the trade deadline pretty quickly was the New York Mets. Despite spending enough money to purchase a small country the last couple of offseason, the Mets find themselves eight games below .500 and without much of a prayer of making the playoffs. To their credit, they did read the writing on the wall and got a haul of prospects for all of the guys they traded away including outfielder Mark Canha.

Canha honestly seems like a quintessential Giants player. Nothing about his game sticks out as uniquely awesome. He just does a lot of things well. From 2018 through 2022, the lowest wRC+ he has posted is 115. Canha draws walks, hits for a bit of power, strikes out at a reasonable rate, and is a passable (if unexciting) defender at all three outfield positions who also has experience playing first and third base.

Would Canha have moved the needle for the Giants a ton? Probably not, but the guy can hit and his versatility would have given San Francisco a ton of options with playing matchups and given them insurance in case any more injuries befell them the rest of the season which is a big deal. Again, there are no more August waiver wire trades. The roster is what it is regardless of injuries unless the Giants promote someone.

San Francisco did not go in that direction and Canha ended up getting moved to the Brewers. Instead of the deadline giving the Giants an exciting opportunity to improve the roster, fans have to wonder what might have been and hope that what the Giants have will be enough.

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