3 moves the SF Giants should have made at the deadline instead of doing nothing

The San Francisco Giants were very quiet at the trade deadline. Here are some moves that would have been better than standing pat.
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Going into the trade deadline, the San Francisco Giants were a team that were in a good position to stay competitive in the National League West. The roster was in good shape and if they just added a starting pitcher of some note, made one upgrade in their lineup, and maybe added some bullpen depth, San Francisco would be in a great spot for the rest of the season.

Instead, the Giants did basically nothing.

Sure, they did acquire AJ Pollock from the Mariners, but that would have been more exciting a few years ago instead of getting a guy with a .535 OPS this year and clearly declining fast. No starting pitcher to beef up the rotation. No actual upgrades anywhere. Nothing. The player pool at the trade deadline was admittedly shallow, but there were moves they could have made instead of basically doing nothing and hoping that reinforcements from the minor leagues will be enough.

Here are 3 moves the SF Giants should have made instead of doing nothing

The Giants' decision to essentially stand pat at the trade deadline with the Dodgers and Diamondbacks looking aggressive and motivated is incredibly risky. Even if it works out and the Giants make the playoffs, the front office still squandered their last opportunity to improve the roster outside of minor league promotions. Little differences in the playoffs matter and San Francisco lost out on some guys that could have helped them.

Let's take a look at some of those missed opportunities with some moves that the Giants should have been all over at the trade deadline and weren't.