3 mid-rotation options the SF Giants should target after Robbie Ray trade

After the SF Giants traded for left handed starter Robbie Ray, it seems they may not be in the market for a top end pitcher. However, here are three mid level options they can target.
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Marcus Stroman
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3 mid level rotation options for SF Giants after Robbie Ray trade

1. Marcus Stroman

The SF Giants have been connected to Marcus Stroman for a while now. Going back a few offseasons when he heaped praise on the Giants organization, it would make a lot of sense if he decided to sign with the Giants now that he is a free agent again.

While Stroman is coming off a season where he was an All-Star level pitcher in the first half and struggled mightily thanks to injuries in the second half, he still has a lot of upside as a reliable starter in a rotation.

He also fits the Giants model of a guy who gets a lot of ground balls and can pitch fairly deep into games. This will be important for the Giants so they are not eating into their bullpen too much in the first half while Cobb and Ray are on the mend.

It is reported that Stroman is receiving interest from the Giants, Red Sox, and Orioles at this time. It is unclear what a deal may look like for Stroman, but it would likely be similar to Sonny Gray’s three-year, $75 million deal.

Keep in mind, Stroman opted out of a $21 million option to stay with the Cubs so he is likely going to want more than that in a deal.

I think if the Giants sign Stroman to a 3 year, $70-75 million contract that would be a great move. Imagine when everyone is healthy a Giants rotation of:

1. Webb
2. Ray
3. Stroman
4. Cobb
5. Harrison

That would be a pretty formidable rotation. Now onto two other mid-rotation options for the Giants. And, adding someone like Stroman would go hand in hand with signing Matt Chapman to bolster the defense. The need for a solid defense should be independent of whoever is in the rotation, but the need for a solid defensive option at third base becomes more evident if a rotation consists of groundball-heavy pitchers like Stroman, Webb, and Cobb.