3 Giants free agents who will leave, and 2 who will return in 2024

Who's in and who's out?
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Giants Free Agent Who Will Return: Jakob Junis

Despite pitching fewer innings in 2023 than 2022, Jakob Junis has made a good case for himself as a bullpen arm to keep around. His K rate was up this year, with 96 to last year's 98 with 26 fewer innings, resulting in a 10.0 K/9, and his 3.87 ERA to end the season is his lowest to date. He's proven his usefulness as a long reliever and opener, having pitched multiple scoreless 4-inning appearances over the 2023 season.

The Giants bullpen ranked seventh in the league with a collective 5.4 fWAR, 0.7 of which comes from Junis alone. San Francisco should try to preserve its bullpen where it can, especially be retaining guys like Junis, who should still come relatively cheaply.

Giants Free Agent Who Will Return: John Brebbia

Although he missed a lot of time for the Giants in 2023 with a lat strain that sat him from mid-June to early September, John Brebbia looked solid in a spot relief role this year. He looked a little shakier upon his return on Sept. 1 than he did in May before he went down, but he closed out the season only allowing 31 hits over a span of 38 1/3 innings and averaging 11.03 K/9, giving him the fifth-highest K rate of the Giants' arms.

Like Junis, Brebbia should come affordably for the Giants, and because of his history of injury should probably come cheaper than Junis. If that is the case, it would be unwise of the Giants to let go of a solid arm.

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