3 Giants free agents who will leave, and 2 who will return in 2024

Who's in and who's out?

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After a difficult end to the 2023 season that included a failed run at a Wild Card spot and ultimately landed the San Francisco Giants in fourth place in the NL West, there's really nowhere to go but up. This offseason, the Giants have eight free agents and three players with opt-outs, which could leave the team looking pretty different next season. It's a perfect time for the Giants to try to rework their 28th-ranked offense, and preserve its seventh-best bullpen.

3 Giants free agents who won't be back, 2 who'll return for 2024

The most interesting moves the Giants can make in the offseason will probably revolve more around a certain two-way player they'll try to acquire or how much money they choose to give their multiple Super 2 arb players, but there are still free agents whose futures with the team need to be considered. Here are three who won't be coming back to Oracle Park, and two who might.

Giants Free Agent Who Will Leave: Joc Pederson

The Giants really need to let go of Joc Pederson. After making a qualifying offer in November 2022, San Francisco retained him for a second year and staved off free agency. He had a great 2022, an up in a career filled with peaks and valleys, but he leveled out again in 2023. His performance this year has made the nearly $20 million he made in one season hard to justify, batting a just okay .235/.348/.416 with 15 home runs.

It's likely that if Pederson comes to the table with the Giants, he'll be angling toward a multi-year contract that will give him more stability than he's had in the past three years, which have sent him from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Chicago Cubs to the Atlanta Braves and finally to the Giants. After making more money this year than any other in his 10 year career, by far, it's a little inconceivable that Pederson will settle for a pay cut, if the Giants decide to make him an offer at all.

The best and most likely course of action is that the Giants will let Pederson go to free up over 10% of their payroll and move a more effective bat into their DH spot.