3 free agents that the SF Giants should absolutely avoid

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Jurickson Profar, SF Giants
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3 free agents that the SF Giants should absolutely avoid

3. Infielder/outfielder Jurickson Profar

Not long ago, I really liked Jurickson Profar as a potential non-tender candidate when he was with the Oakland A's. The A's planned to non-tender him, but traded him to the San Diego Padres before that decision needed to be made.

The switch-hitter has proven to be a solid player but he does not have a consistent track record. The 2022 season was his best by far as he slashed .243/.331/.391 (111 OPS+) with 15 home runs, 58 RBI, and 82 runs in 658 plate appearances for San Diego. This comes with a strong 11.1 percent walk rate against a 15.7 percent strikeout rate, so he brings good plate discipline and contact skills to the table.

Plus, he is versatile as he has appeared extensively in both the infield and outfield throughout his eight-year career. Oddly enough, he appeared exclusively in left field last year, registering +2 Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) and -5 Outs Above Average (OAA).

Profar declined an $8.33 million player option for 2023 with the hopes of landing a larger payday in free agency. In a lot of ways, he fits what the Giants like in a player and it feels like he would be a good addition if the Giants already had a good lineup. However, similar to Danbsy Swanson, I am skeptical of a player without a track record of performance. That is the case with Profar.

He has posted a 94 OPS+ since debuting in 2012. In fairness to him, he was regarded as a top prospect and was likely called up prematurely. He has been much better over the past five seasons, posting a 101 OPS+.

Perhaps, the Padres try to re-sign Profar. He gives them a decent bat with a versatile glove, but the Giants need much more help than Profar can offer. He just does not move the needle enough for San Francisco. MLB Trade Rumors is predicting a two-year, $20 million pact, which is a deal that the Giants can certainly afford. However, it feels like they can find better value at that rate.