3 former SF Giants players we'll be glad are gone, and 2 we'll wish stayed

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Carlos Rodon
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Former SF Giants player we wish stayed: Carlos Rodón

This may feel painfully obvious, but the Giants' current rotation could use Carlos Rodón leading it again. He is currently on the injured list for the New York Yankees, but the importance of what he was able to do for this Giants club on a one-year "prove it" type of deal, cannot be overstated.

After a seven-year stint with the Chicago White Sox, Rodón had shown immense promise at various points, highlighted by a 2021 no-hitter and eventual All-Star Game selection and fifth place finish in the AL Cy Young race.

He turned this performance into a two-year deal with the Giants. As we all know, he opted out after the first year, eyeing a larger payday, which he got from the Yankees. In 31 starts for the .500 Giants, the southpaw was truly elite. Across 178 innings, he went 14-8 with a 2.88 ERA, major league-leading 2.25 FIP and a 140 ERA+.

He was the steadiest of presences atop the rotation, striking out a career-high 237 batters while allowing just 12 home runs all year long, good for a 0.6 HR/9 mark, easily the best of his career. Another All-Star Game and sixth place finish in the Cy Young voting made it an easy decision for him to opt out and re-test the free agent pool.

Again, Rodón is injured at this time, but he remains an elite talent when he's healthy.