3 early-season SF Giants overreactions that we must give some time

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants
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3 early-season SF Giants overreactions that we must give some time

2. Blake Snell and Jorge Soler are busts and should’ve never been signed

This is one of the most confusing ones to me. The thing is it’s so confusing in so many ways. 

Coming into the winter, fans wanted the team to do something to improve. They went out and got other players but Jorge Soler and Blake Snell were the two big-ticket names they got to help improve the roster. 

To say Snell has gotten off to a rough start would be an understatement. So far this season, the defending National League Cy Young Award winner has an ERA of 11.57 while also having an 0-3 record. It certainly hasn’t been the start we all would’ve wanted. It also doesn’t look good that he ended up on the 15-Day IL either. But the hope is this will help get him right. 

However, hold your opinions on Snell for a while. He is a very slow starter and didn’t even get a normal Spring Training. This man didn’t win a Cy Young Award in each league by accident so this is one we need to give a little bit of time. 

As for Soler, we have seen some glimpses as to what he can do. While he hasn’t necessarily been hitting, it has been nice to have a power threat right in the middle of the lineup that every team has to worry about. He’s still got 4 homers on the season and 6 RBIs while hitting .239. 

The two major free-agent signings will be just fine. They deserve a little bit of time to adjust as well. It’s not easy going from one team to another in a completely different region of the country.