3 early-season SF Giants overreactions that we must give some time

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants
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When the season starts, there are always high expectations. After all, it was a great offseason for the San Francisco Giants. 

3 early-season SF Giants overreactions that we must give some time

While they haven’t gotten off to a good start, they also haven’t gotten off to a bad start. This leads to some overreactions as well. We’ll get into those and why we all need to just relax. 

1.Bob Melvin wasn’t the right person for the job

This is a way to early overreaction. If there’s one thing that the Giants did right, it was to hire Melvin. 

No one available had more managerial experience than Melvin. After all, the former backup catcher of the Giants has made the strategy part of the game fun to watch again. It’s been a night and day difference as well. For example, it’s been nice to have a bench with players available in key spots in games instead of doing a line change and the other team being able to do whatever they want with their bullpen. 

Melvin is a three-time manager of the year. He’s also taken far less talented teams to the playoffs. After all, as the A’s skipper, he won the AL West title 3 times while also winning an NL West title in 2007 with the D-Backs. On top of all of this, he has been to the playoffs six times in his managerial career. To say he’s not a qualified manager is just plain crazy. Lastly, it’s also been refreshing to see a manager willing to get tossed to have his guys' backs. Melvin has been far from afraid to get tossed if it’s the right thing to do.  

Sure, the Padres missed the playoffs with a loaded roster last season. However, they made the NLCS the year before with Melvin pulling the strings. The Padres had a positive run differential and all the signs pointed to the fact that they were a solid team. It appears from the outside a whole lot of breaks didn’t go their way, which isn’t necessarily on the manager. For example, the Padres have improved this year because they are getting some breaks. 

The Giants' hire of Melvin was and will end up being a good one. Fans need to give this one some time.