2 veteran SF Giants may be on the hot seat due to top young outfielder

Two veteran SF Giants outfielders may be traded soon.
San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres
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The SF Giants have long relied on Mike Yastrzemski and Austin Slater in the outfield. Despite the two veterans being on the team for so long, the Giants might be forced to make a move sooner rather than later if Luis Matos continues to perform in Triple-A.

2 veteran SF Giants may be on the hot seat due to top young outfielder

Slater has been a Giants since 2017 and Yastrzemski has been on the team since 2019, making them two of the longest-tenured players on the team. They have been valuable and solid contributors on the team even if many fans have wanted more production.

Slater and Yastrzemski are 31 and 33, respectively. They are not old by any stretch of the imagination, but they are on the wrong side of 30. Both have dealt with some minor injury issues already this year in spring training, although it did not affect their ability to be ready for the regular season.

Neither has gotten off to a very hot start this season even though it is still very early. In fact, they have combined for one hit in 20 at-bats to start the season. Now, it is early and there is still ample time for either or both of them to turn it around.

On the other hand, Matos had a great Spring Training that many fans believe should have warranted a spot on the Opening Day roster. He did not make the team and has gone to Triple-A where he is off to a very hot start.

Matos will almost certainly be promoted at some point this season. When he does, what if his bat stays so hot that manager Bob Melvin is forced to keep him in the lineup? As of right now, Michael Conforto has been the best hitter on the team to start the year and Jung Hoo Lee has looked very solid. Therefore, it is a possibility that at some point this year, Lee, Conforto, and Matos establish themselves as the three starting outfielders.

If this happens, the Giants would probably feel the need to trade either Slater or Yastrzemski. to make room on the team if both are forced into a bench role. They would not get a ton for either player, but they would do it more to clear a roster spot since they would have too many outfielders.

Of course, this is just a possibility. A month from now, Conforto's bat may be ice cold while Yastrzemski is red hot. Lee could get hurt which would mean Slater and Yastrzemski have to play center field. It is a long season and a lot can happen. Having too much depth is never a bad thing!

But if things progress as they currently are going, the Giants may be in a position where they feel the need to trade one of their veterans and leaders on the team.

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