2 SF Giants trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

The Giants have some real needs at the trade deadline. Let's take a look at some of the rumors surrounding them both good and bad.
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Alex Wood getting traded at the deadline could signal some big changes for the Giants

It is certainly weird to include a rumor here where the Giants trade away a player at a trade deadline when they should be buyers, but bear with us. Alex Wood may be loaded with talent, but there is no denying that he has some durability concerns and his production on the mound the last couple of years has been pretty disappointing. His 4.75 ERA this season isn't terrible per se, but his peripherals are worse than that with severe regression in his strikeout and walk rates being particularly notable.

As a pending free agent, Wood is ideally suited to be a guy that the Giants could deal at the trade deadline while still being buyers. He isn't producing at a particularly high level and if the Giants were to add a starter in a trade, it is Wood's job that could be on the chopping block anyways. Fortunately, it does seem like there is real interest in Wood from around the league, although specifics on which teams have been pretty sparse so far.

If the Giants hang on to Alex, that probably means that they aren't going to make a substantial addition in their rotation and will have him around as, at minimum, an insurance policy. That could be the right decision given how gross the rumored prices are for starting pitching on the trade market right now.

However, if the Giants were willing and able to move Wood for a decent return (albeit for a rental), it would get his money off the books for 2023 and also could tell us something about their plans. Moving Wood would likely mean that the Giants were going to make a real upgrade in their starting rotation and if that comes to pass, San Francisco could benefit from both sides of the market.

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