2 SF Giants trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

The Giants have some real needs at the trade deadline. Let's take a look at some of the rumors surrounding them both good and bad.
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Paul DeJong just isn't who the Giants need at the trade deadline

Paul DeJong is a fine baseball player. He is a legitimately good defender that can play shortstop or second base and his overall production generally averages out to being a useful, if unexciting, big league regular on a decent team most seasons.

However, the Giants' roster even with Thairo Estrada out has plenty of guys that are in the "pretty decent" camp where DeJong resides. What San Francisco needs from a position player trade is significant offensive production and that is not where DeJong excels, although that hasn't seemed to deter the Giants from looking into DeJong anyways.

For the last four seasons including 2023, DeJong has posted below average or worse wRC+ at the plate (87, 85, 55, and 98 respectively the last four years). He does have some raw pop in his bat, but when a guy's current slash line of .236/.300/.417 (which is not good) is the best line he has posted at the plate in three years, one has to wonder if he is worth devoting much time and energy into acquiring.

Another problem with DeJong is the potential cost to acquire him unless the Cardinals are more reasonable than expected. DeJong has two club options on his contract after this season of $12.5 million and $15 million respectively. On the one hand, that gives whichever team that acquires him a lot of flexibility with his team control which is good.

However, that potential team control and flexibility is also going to be priced into his trade value and giving up a significant package of prospects for a guy that is a pretty meh player overall doesn't seem like the best use of the Giants' time and resources.