12 Days of SF Giants - Games 1 - 6

Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants - Game Five
Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants - Game Five / Harry How/GettyImages
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Last week we started the 12 Days of SF Giants - a chance to look back on an incredible season and select 12 memorable games. We peaked at number seven through 12 last week - today we look at the Top Six!

San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers
San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

# Six- SF Giants AT Texas Rangers - June 9th. The Giants lost this game 4-3 - so many may wonder why in the world this is on any list, let alone a list describing some of the most memorable of an 107 win season. The G-men did not hit well - managed only five in the 11 inning loss. They left runners in scoring position in critical moments and failed to get the big out when they needed it. Overall, not a great baseball game - BUT - I was visiting the Dallas area with my 16 year old son who aspires to play baseball in college. We received some AMAZING seats from a longtime friend and found ourselves sitting with Sammy Long's family and extended family. Long made his MLB debut that afternoon. He came in to start the second and pitched 4 incredible innings - He struck out seven including five in a row at one point. He allowed one hit and one run and was in complete control of all of his pitches. My son Cooper and I were immediately members of the Sammy Long fan club. We high fived his family - we laughed with his fiance - we gave him standing ovations with his brother in law - we were able to be part of something so awesome - so exciting - and so meaningful to the Long family that even a loss can not take away from the moment. BRAVO Sammy and thank you to the Long family for letting Coop and I be part of your amazing day.