11 former SF Giants who remain without a team prior to Opening Day

There are still many former SF Giants players who have yet to be signed.
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Johnny Cueto
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Former SF Giants available in free agency: SP Johnny Cueto

Johnny Cueto was one of the biggest free agent signings the Giants have made when they got him back in 2016. He had an outstanding first season with the team but struggled to stay healthy and was inconsistent after that.

Since his time with the Giants, he had a really solid season with the White Sox before a very poor season with the Marlins in which he dealt with injuries.

He could be a potential fit on the Giants if they lose any more starting pitchers to injury. At the age of 38 it is unclear how much they could get out of him, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

He may not have won a World Series with the Giants, but he was one of the more entertaining players to watch in the post-championship years. His unique and fun-loving style were always a treat to watch.

At 38, he is another candidate who mat retire if he does not get a call. He says that he wants to pitch in 2024, though. We will have to see if a team gives him a shot.

The next pitcher is remembered less for his pitching, but at one point was an exciting young arm in the organization.