11 former SF Giants who remain without a team prior to Opening Day

There are still many former SF Giants players who have yet to be signed.
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AJ Pollock
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Former SF Giants available in free agency: OF A.J. Pollock

A.J. Pollock was the big trade deadline acquisition the Giants made last season. After a number of solid seasons with the Dodgers, there was a hope that Pollock could maybe be the Cody Ross of 2023. It did not work out.

He had 6 plate appearances for the Giants before he got hurt and was eventually released by the team.

At the age of 36, he finds himself in a similar situation to most of these other players. If he wants to keep playing perhaps he could find his way onto a minor league team somewhere. He can still provide value as a defender and still has decent speed. But it seems his best days with the bat are well behind him.

Looking back, the trade for Pollock occurred when the Giants were still in playoff contention. It could have been a blow to the team's morale that all they got was a veteran whose best days were behind them and may have led to the second half collapse.

Now turning to back to pitchers, there are a number of memorable former SF Giants pitchers available in free agency. Including one who shimmied his way into our hearts.