11 former SF Giants who remain without a team prior to Opening Day

There are still many former SF Giants players who have yet to be signed.
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Donovan Solano
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Former SF Giants available in free agency: IF Donovan Solano

Giants fans will remember infielder Donovan Solano for his solid seasons with the bat as a Giants from 2019-2021. He even won a Silver Slugger in the 60-game 2020 season.

Since his time as a Giant, Solano has had a couple of decent seasons for the Red and Twins. Each of the past two seasons his batting average was around the .280 mark. He has never hit for much pop, but he has proven that he is a guy who can get on base and put the ball in play.

You would think with solid numbers at the plate he would have some takers in free agency, but apparently not. Age definitely plays a factor as he is 36 years old currently. Perhaps if he had the long ball in his arsenal more teams would show interest.

He is still a somewhat versatile player as he can play around the infield if needed, although at his age the corner spots are probably more suited for him. He can also serve as a DH.

Like many others on this list, Solano may very well retire if he cannot secure a deal in free agency. He could probably get a minor league deal somewhere if he really wants to keep playing.

The next free agent is another shorter, contact-first infielder who struggled mightily during his time with the Giants.