11 former SF Giants who remain without a team prior to Opening Day

There are still many former SF Giants players who have yet to be signed.

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Darin Ruf
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Former SF Giants available in free agency: DH Darin Ruf

Darin Ruf was able to revive his MLB career with the Giants after spending time playing overseas. He was traded for J.D. Davis two seasons ago and when he struggled with the New York Mets they cut him which allowed for a brief reunion with the Giants last season as they dealt with injuries.

He went on the play for the Brewers last year after the Giants had to cut him due to a roster crunch. He sustained a knee fracture shortly after joining Milwaukee and finished the year on the injured list.

Ruf find himself in a similar situation to Longoria and Belt in that he is 37 years old, limited defensively, and his bat has cooled off considerably the last few years. There just are not many roster spots for a guy like that.

Ruf did great as a member of the Giants and was a huge part of the team's miraculous 107-win 2021 season. Like the other free agents mentioned, he may be another candidate to retire if no team takes a chance on him.

The next free agent was also a key part of the 2021 team, and it is surprising he remains unsigned given the fact that he still seems to have something left in the tank.