11 former SF Giants who remain without a team prior to Opening Day

There are still many former SF Giants players who have yet to be signed.
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Jarlin Garcia
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Former SF Giants available in free agency: RP Jarlín García

Former Giants lefty Jarlín García is a free agent. He had several solid seasons with the team from 2020-2022 but has not pitched in the big leagues since he last appeared with the Giants.

In 2020 García had an ERA of 0.49 in 18 and 1/3 innings. It was the shortened season, but that is still pretty excellent. He followed it up with a solid 2021 when he had an ERA of 2.62 in 68 and 2/3 innings. 2022 saw him drop off a bit with a 3.74 ERA in 65 innings, but that is still respectable.

The Giants let him go in free agency and he signed with the Pirates. Unfortunately, injury prevented him from pitching for the team so the Pirates let him go as well.

The life of an MLB reliever is a tough one, so it is unclear when or where García will get his next opportunity. One would think a team would take a chance on him with a minor league deal given his solid years with the Giants, but perhaps not.

The final free agent we will take a look at is a fitting one given that he is a former closer for the Giants.