SF Giants prospects position preview chat: Middle Infield

SF Giants shortstop Marco Luciano #94 poses during media day at Scottsdale Stadium. (MLB photos via USA TODAY Sports)
SF Giants shortstop Marco Luciano #94 poses during media day at Scottsdale Stadium. (MLB photos via USA TODAY Sports) /
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SF Giants, Shane Matheny
SF Giants infielder prospect Shane Matheny during his time with the San Jose Giants. /

SF Giants prospects position preview chat: Second Base

M: We talked about Will Wilson a lot last week in the third base conversation, but punted Jimmy Glowenke to this one. What do you see in the Giants supplemental pick from the 2020 draft?

W: About Glowenke, I agree that we kind of relegated him here because he does not really fit the third base mold but it’s finally time to talk about him. Even though the Giants saved a lot of money by drafting Glowenke, I think they can still get a really intriguing prospect out of him. The player comp that really comes to mind for me is actually Donovan Solano. Glowenke might not have 20-homer pop, but the guy can just work the strike zone and spray line drives around the field. His college tape really showed his strike zone discipline and the reports about him from Instructs were also glowing. Just a really promising hitter that can definitely move rather quickly through the minors.

M: I had one source call Glowenke a light Jedd Gyorko, tending towards a more power/strikeout profile, but like many of these recent Giants draft prospects (Glowenke, Logan Wyatt, etc.) it’ll be interesting to see which part of their games the organization prioritizes.

W: The Gyorko comp is rather intriguing and I can definitely see it when looking at what many players have done, adding power with the expense of strikeouts. With the Giants though, I think they are fine with Glowenke grinding out at bats and hitting for a high average. There’s still a certain allure of the high average, high on-base percentage, mediocre slugging players because they are just rare to find.

M: I focused more on the shortstop side of the organization prepping for this, but I feel like I’m missing some second-base prospects. Is there anyone else we haven’t discussed that I’m missing? Or is second just a thin spot in the org where we’ll see current shortstops and third basemen end up?

W: Second base is pretty thin, but that’s a position that usually lacks depth in the minors since most shortstop prospects can easily slide to second. It often works as a “where the shortstops die” position. However, there are a couple of intriguing, low-end second baseman in the organization. Shane Matheny, who is a defense-over-offense player with excellent glovework at second base will likely struggle to hit for in the high-minors could carve out a utility role for himself. Simon Whiteman, who is probably the fastest prospect in the Giants organization, could also factor in at second, but is limited defensively to second and probably has 20 or 30-grade power.

M: Agreed. The middle infield may have the system’s best prospect, but it also might be the thinnest position group in the org. A lot is riding on Luciano become at least an average everyday player.

W: I was kind of surprised looking back over the system.  Last week I thought we were going to talk about a lot of prospects this week but I realized while we are chatting that this is it. I probably overhyped myself haha!

M: Great chat as always. Ready to talk about the outfield depth next week?

W: Yeah, I’m ready to talk about this system’s outfield, and this time, I am sure we will have a long chat!

M: Can’t wait! Talk to you then.

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