SF Giants Prospects: 5 Strongest Positions in the Farm System

SF Giants Hunter Bishop gets ready for a spring training game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Scottsdale Stadium. (Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports)
SF Giants Hunter Bishop gets ready for a spring training game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Scottsdale Stadium. (Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports) /
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SF Giants, Tyler Fitzgerald
SF Giants shortstop Tyler Fitzgerald (2) prospect during his time at the University of Louisville. (Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports) /

SF Giants Farm System’s Strongest Positions
3. Shortstop

Strong Candidates: Marco Luciano, Tyler Fitzgerald, Aeverson Arteaga, Ghordy Santos, Dilan Rosario
Possible: Will Wilson, Jimmy Glowenke, Anthony Rodriguez, Diego Velasquez

Given the defensive concerns surrounding Marco Luciano‘s future, shortstop was off this list entirely prior to spring training. Then, Luciano came into camp with a well-developed lower-half and has looked comfortable enough for me to believe he should be able to stick there going forward. Luciano has said that he wants to be an MLB shortstop. He’s clearly dedicating a lot of effort to improving at the most valuable defensive position on the infield, and it seems to be paying off.

There are no other premium prospects in this group, but the organization has invested quite heavily in acquiring mid-level prospects at the position recently. Luciano is strong enough to carry any group by himself, but the plethora of other options with strong defensive profiles moves the needle.

Wilson is the lone well-known name from the remaining group. Still, I believe he has a rotational defensive future that will lead him to spell at shortstop while primarily playing at second and third base. Jimmy Glowenke has a similar Wilson-light profile without the requisite arm strength to handle third. Both should have the offensive potential to make very good shortstops if their gloves can cut it. Right now, that seems unlikely.

As aggressive as the Giants are with shifts, they may trust their ability to design defensive alignments to enable these types of players to handle larger workloads at premium positions (this would also apply to center field if true). Until they pull it off, though, there’s going to be a higher standard.

Tyler Fitzgerald has fringe big-league tools across the board but currently projects as a second-division regular at short. Dilan Rosario and Ghordy Santos fit the Hilson/McCray profile as young prospects with premium defense as carrying tools and questions around their offensive profiles.

Internationally Rodriguez, Aeverson Arteaga, and Velasquez all received roughly $1 million signing bonuses over the past two signing periods. Velasquez is headed for the hot corner, and Anthony Rodriguez might be slated for a similar move. Arteaga though has shown an advanced feel defensively with a solid approach at the plate as well.