SF Giants: How we would run the 2020 MLB draft

SF Giants hat. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
SF Giants hat. (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /
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Marc Delucchi gives you his plan for the Giants at the 2020 MLB draft.

The impossible, but can’t pass if they fall, group: Austin Martin, Spencer Torkelson, Emerson Hancock, Nick Gonzales, Asa Lacy, Max Meyer

I’m sorry Giants fans for even planting this in your head. It’s not happening, but it’s also in my due diligence to say who are the guys who I couldn’t pass up. They are ranked in the order I have them on my big board. Don’t get me wrong, I was heavy on the #TankForTork campaign, but Martin’s defensive ability makes him the better prospect.

I remain in the minority that prefers Hancock to Lacy and am also a bit skeptical of Meyer’s catapulting up draft boards. However, I do put a good amount of trust in consensus and Meyer would be a consensus steal at 13.

There are some notable names omitted from this group. The system’s outfield depth makes it easier to pass on Garrett Mitchell or Zac Veen. Mitchell just has too many unknowns for my taste. While some scouts have focused on concerns over his diabetes, I’m more skeptical of his inability to tap into his raw power at the collegiate level. He still has a very intriguing profile, but not substantial enough for me to forego other options.

Veen has a pretty swing but is unlikely to stick in center field and given the large number of corner bats already in the Giants system, is not worth a selection in my eyes. Teams should not draft to fill needs, but it’s important to be aware of them. Where the Giants are selecting a number of similarly graded prospects will be on a board and using system depth to break ties can be useful.

Reid Detmers is a fantastic college arm, but lacks the upside projectable in other college pitchers like Cole Wilcox and Garrett Crochet who will come at lower prices. As with Mitchell and Veen, Detmers is a great prospect and will be a good pick for somebody, but just isn’t the ideal fit for the Giants system from where I’m standing.