Giants top prospect Joey Bart needs to start 2020 in the minors

With 2020 set to be another rebuilding year for the San Francisco Giants, there is no point in rushing top prospect Joey Bart to the big leagues.

It is obvious that the San Francisco Giants are staring down a rebuilding year in 2020.

That means we will probably get to see some of their exciting young prospects at some point, with catcher Joey Bart undoubtedly among the most anticipated arrivals.

However, the Giants would be wise not to rush things with their top prospect.

The allure will be hard to combat, but it will be necessary. Let’s say that Bart has an incredible spring training, similar to the one he had last year. The pressure to make him a part of the Opening Day roster will be intense.

With so little to look forward to this season, it is understandable that fans would want a peek at the next generation. Especially in the case of Bart, who most expect to be a core piece of the team’s next contender.

However, the front office must resist fan pressure.

Service time considerations aside, it would still be wise to send Bart to the minors to start the year. That way, he isn’t rushed up to the big leagues, only to struggle and have his confidence take a hit.

The Giants are counting on Bart to be a major contributor for the next decade, so there is no sense in rushing him to the big leagues, especially when contention is likely not in the cards in 2020.

A much wiser strategy would be to start him off in the minors no matter how he performs. If he progresses as planned in Triple A, then give him a call-up after it is clear he has nothing more to prove at the minor league level.

That way, the Giants are not rushing their possible future star into the spotlight and putting any unnecessary pressure on his shoulders in a year that will likely be more about player evaluation than wins and losses.

It may be tough for new manager Gabe Kapler and the front office to resist a strong spring from Bart, especially considering how they are already on thin ice with some segments of the fanbase.

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However, sending him to the minors to start the year is what is best for both team and the player, so that is exactly what they should do.