Dog Day Power Rankings for San Francisco Giants Prospects

SF Giants prospect Joey Bart visits Oracle Park soon after being drafted with the second overall pick. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
SF Giants prospect Joey Bart visits Oracle Park soon after being drafted with the second overall pick. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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First Baseman | Right Handed | .275 AVG | .401 OBP | .399 SLG | 2 HR | 24 RBI | 42 SO. Sacramento River Cats. . Brock Stassi. 3. 31

I was almost hesitant to put him on this high on my list, but since coming to the River Cats, Brock Stassi has shined. Brother of Houston Astros catcher Max Stassi, Brock has shown plenty of plate discipline in just 64 at-bats for Sacramento. His .391 batting average with 10 doubles, 11 RBI and 19 walks in 21 games is nothing to sneeze at. Given the plethora of potential options the Giants have at first base, Stassi might not be in the running just yet. The River Cats also tried him out for an inning in a outfield, where he had some experience before. His value is going to come more for a team that needs a solid first baseman by next season, and quite frankly there’s more than a handful of them out there. If he isn’t dealt in the off-season, I fully expect the Giants to give him a Spring Training invite.

31. Relief Pitcher | Right Handed | 3-2 | 2.13 ERA | 1.08 WHIP | 3 SV | 60 K | 23 BB. Sacramento River Cats. . Tyler Rogers. 2

Coming in at number two is submariner reliever, Tyler Rogers. His first half was amazing, and although he petered out in the month of August, his numbers in relief are still pretty solid. What’s amazing to me is that while he’s virtually unstoppable against right handed hitters, his numbers against lefties are surely nothing to overlook. He definitely deserves a call-up at some point, although they will have to dump a reliever off the 40 man to make that happen. There are a few names in mind, but we’ll see what happens during the off-season.

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Catcher | Right Handed | .294 AVG | .364 OBP | .588 SLG | 13 HR | 40 RBI | 47 SO. Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. . Joey Bart. 1. 31

What can be said about this guy other than amazing? Joey Bart is the future catcher for your San Francisco Giants, and that’s really a no-brainer. What’s interesting is how well-rounded he is against left handed and right handed pitching. Against lefties he is a hitting machine, but against righties he is a power machine. What’s even more remarkable is his situational stats, and with the Giants struggling to hit with RISP, his bat will certainly be welcome in the next few years. We’ll be keeping a close eye on his production, but I’m sure none of us would be surprised if he gets a Spring Training invite for next season.